It has really been a rough week. But, thanks to twitter, those streets i tell you are full of drama. Jose the witnesser should be hanging around these streets. NO traffic lights , no police, no speed limits. On twitter you can safely drive drunk. But i don’t drink anyway, THAT’S WRONG!! First of all i’m broke. Imagine, how do we, in campo, survive with meagre salaries called HELB?

this' how it is when helb loan enters our accounts in campus :)
this’ how it is when helb loan enters our accounts in campus 🙂

Oh, did i say a rough week? Nope, i was at the equator last weekend. Yeah, i mean Nanyuki. Never really stood at the centre of the world before so it was an out of this world experience. I also confirmed ‘equator’ is an old myth which mothers tell their kiddos before they sleep. I seriously tried to trace the line to no avail. Just some signposts telling you that the line’s somewhere around there. Think I’m a fool, eh?


Lemme say outright that i did a lot of jungle-venturing in the outskirts (yeah, i said skirts) of that town meeehn, the white chicks are innumerable. What I’ve been wondering is, what on earth do those peeps give their kids? They are dummies. Look, i board a mathree somewhere in tao, some mama brings a kid who’s to travel alone and be picked by some elder when she alights. Beautiful girl i tell you,  a kid though. After 30 minutes she asks the conductor, “have we arrived at Naromoru?” She’s told we’ve passed that place and she’s really a drama queen? (princess?), she shouts, screams and does it vigorously with a passion, raising some dust i say. So the driver and conductor decide to drive back to Naromoru and save the poor kiddo. We’re all uneasy, i mean, this’ our time, and time is precious for broke fellars, time is money?

Ok, there  we go, safely driven back to Naromoru, know what the kiddo does? She doesn’t alight to our bewilderment, surprise etc. She opens a black paper-bag pulls out 3 chapos and some groundnuts and feasts as we watch. The conductor of course grows impatient, you know how patience can be lost as fast as the value of a quail. He rudely asks the girlie why she takes so long to alight. She innocently says,’ Niliambiwa na mummy nikifika Naromoru, nikule chapo tatu na njugu, nibakishe chapo mbili nitakula nikirudi.’ “Mum said i should take 3 chapatis and the groundnuts when i arrive at Naromoru, then leave 2 chapatis for my fro journey.” We feel like slapping the kiddo (she wasn’t really a kid, i’m just soft and easy on girls, this one was a full grown teenager blonde :D) Dummy!

so your daughter is the dummy blonde... hahaha
so your daughter is the dummy blonde… hahaha

May I be forgiven for calling your cute daughter a dummy if you come across this blog, but we need dummies to show that there are people who ain’t dummies in this world.So dummies are useful. Anyway, the disappointed driver and his guy didn’t raise a fuss, funny, because i was a ‘she’. We journeyed on…


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