JOE can’t really attend a wedding??

So sorry to my readers, I wrote this piece about two weeks ago and just saved it as draft, I forgot to post it here. Anyway, I find no harm doing it now...

So you thought JOE can’t really attend a wedding?? I can’t really believe it. But really i thought I’d never have the patience to sit a whole wedding ceremony, have fun and sum it all up in my blog. Just to clear what you are thinking, this’ about Ken’s wedding, not mine. Yet right now as I’m writing this, he’s having fun somewhere…., well the last time i attended a wedding before this was kind of 11 years ago. oh yes!! With my mom’s hand tightly clutching my wrists and my gaze more controlled and unexplorative.

This time it was the wild me in my jungle brown boots , black baggy silk trousers and a grey, rabbit-hunter-jumper(did i really have a shirt in it?? can’t say) . Who does a wedding in this?? Well, me!! JOE!!

… me feasting on wedding cake. sluuuurp…

The girls

My, there were girls. First stuff I noticed as I got at those wedding venue gates. That’s a huge difference from ten years ago, yeah, right now i can smell girls from a million miles away. Sniff, sniff… Now if you really want me to attend your wedding, of course with my esteem pack of wolves (we actually ain’t wolves, we are sons of God but we call ourselves wolves because we feel so unworthy :) ) , make sure you have a nice supply of girls. That’s cheaper than making wedding invitation cards , you know, since this way we’ll invite ourselves.

 The food

I have to!! Yeah, i do. I am such a greedy freak, unashamed of my gargantuan appetites to all manner of dishes. Yet i liked most the brown piece of ugali that i bit off a chunk of it thinking it was nyama (meat). Shame on me?? No, you even didn’t know there was brown ugali, i had to tell you :( .

The bride

One word.. WORDLESS!!! Ask Ken. He’s my guy, the one we normally share comments about such issues.

The cake

By the way there was cake, i ate chunks of it!!! Today is five days to Valentines, by the way, i carried red flowers with me from the wedding (cost-saved).  I will surely attend your wedding. I’ll do it this same way. Don’t forget red flowers, girls,… on the items list.

These days I end with a note to my mom. So mom, the flowers I gave you on Valentines are not the ones I’m talking about here. You also said something like me and dad bought one bunch then cleverly divided it by two? No, I bought mine :D.

CHEERS . FUN. :) :) :)

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