The bright but scary future…

... but i don't really mean i am scared... just too ambitious.------------------------------
… but i don’t really mean i am scared… just too ambitious.——————————
The future has become a big back burner on my mind recently… I can’t hide forever in the walls of University, but then although the comfort zone is here I question whether I really want to be here forever and of course, I don’t. I think the fear of the picking up my life and relocating all over again scares me – I’ve not moved a lot over the last few years, mostly because of my education.
What really plays on my mind in life generally is people – they’re always coming and going and making long-term friends seems impossible. Everyone is chasing their own dreams and I find this concept very difficult to sustain a healthy friendship… I have come however to accept this way of life – how everybody seems to come with an expiry date. The same goes for lovers or partners – I’m still yet to be convinced (but I believe of course) that people can truly stay together forever and maintain that spark, energy and happiness. It’s whether it’s people changing, or the environment around us which is causing this shift.
I think over the last few years my heavy involvement in the academic world has caused me to grab onto my youth and gradually transition into this world of mass responsibility with others, but this is the final stop – another one final year for me, then it’s time to kick-start life back in the fast lane. Whether this involves a move overseas, a move back to Meru or Luanda or something new – who knows, but I guess I need to start thinking about these questions sooner rather than later – time is flying by. Or what do you think I should do?

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