Seen a hen-pecked man?

A city restaurant forced a Multimedia University student to peel four buckets of potatoes after he failed to pay for food. The second year student was reportedly unable to clear the bill after consuming food and drinks with his girlfriends. The restaurant’s manager on Kenyatta Avenue told Campus Vibe the young man and his girlfriend checked into the restaurant and ordered fries, chicken and fresh juice, but after some minutes other four girls joined them. “The four girls also ordered the same food. Sweat trickled on his forehead as the girls engaged in animated conversation ignoring him, I think the intruders were not invited,” said the manager.
As they were leaving, the gentleman went to the lavatory. He took long forcing a staff to go and check on him. He pleaded, flashing out his Student’s ID claiming he only had Sh500. “We forced him to peel four buckets of potatoes as a punishment and took the Sh500. He left a very disappointed man. The girls did not even turn back to inquire what happened to him,” the manager told Campus Vibe.

6 thoughts on “Seen a hen-pecked man?

  1. Considering the weird nature of ur blog posts, I cant help but suspect that they originate from personal experience… I pity that hen-pecked dude….bt itz all 4 da love of pany, ryt? Lol


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