I love you :)

Hey ******,

Tonight I keep trying to write, almost desperately. I just keep pounding away at the keyboard trying to come up with something, anything. It’s all terrible mindless writing. How I wish you were here, to take me from this keyboard. Then I could sleep.

You haven’t really even come into my life. Yet tonight, when I sit out under the stars, I will be thinking of you.  I know it, but maybe I’m stupid, or I don’t have other things to think about. The moon will hear the words I say, the blessings I send, and the wishes I hold in my heart, not only for me, but for you.  I will send these things to you in the soft darkness of  night, along with all the love I hold in my heart.  I know these are strong words i say, but I’ve gotten over it and at least hidden my feelings here. Here in a blog, yes, that’s how cowardly I am. But I’ll be brave soon maybe :). May the gentle breeze carry my words to you, and may sweet dreams always fill your sleep. It’s weird but I hope you’ll never hate me after this.

How I wish at times, I had never looked up one day, and seen your eyes. How I wish I’d never known you. Had I not heard you, and a voice that wrapped a spell around my heart, and seen you as one so genuine, true and good, I could rest easy, undisturbed by this emotions of mine. But I would rest alone, with empty dreams, never knowing. So I remain your prisoner, gladly. For I would rather know you, just to know you, in this world, no matter how far away you are, than have anyone else here, by my side.

Wherever life takes me, whatever hills I may climb or tumble down; whatever joy I feel, or whatever makes me frown; sometimes I’m just made glad by the thought that you can be there to tag along; to have a friend like you. When I first wrote this on a blog, I wondered who would ever read it, the musings of someone falling(?) in love. Again I debated whether to make it public, or just keep it as something for myself. I’m also afraid of making mistakes, or having to appear evil, and having to walk away looking like a fool. It may be too early to do this, but phew…, I’ve already done it. All harm done, all damages incurred :). But I’m really glad we’re friends.


WildVentures .

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