POEM: Hanukkah’s Farm

Imagepawpaw ripe and heavy,

falls into fish pond,

fish scamper to safety,

the world they’ve always known,

is liquid and square six metre wide,

sheltered from piercing sun rays,

by mango trees east,

sheltered from piercing hunger,

by poop from chicken house,

that lies above the pond,

suspended chicken house it is,

like a castle in the air,


“fish pond life ain’t boring,” says fish,

“with the rabbits squeaking nearby,

and their gnawing sounds amusing,

and the hens clucking above us,

as they faithfully lay eggs,

and ducks zoom past flying above,

and the duo German shepherds,

always barking at Hanukkah’s girlfriends,

I’d say this’ a global village.”

i agree with my “Pisces” pal,

because I’m Hanukkah’s farm.


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