Poem: She bounced you


You tighten that tie and remodel the raspy voice,

Full of spirits, you wait as you pat your tummy,

You prepare to ooze machismo as if that stuff is trained,

Then she doesn’t call, she doesn’t appear, she bounced you.

You’d tightened your purse strings just for this,

Seems her adrenaline wallowed from the beautiful oral displays,

Of a fellow man who schemed, connived to get her heart racing,

So that instead of dancing to your tune, she bounced you.

So your ego takes a flight high up like an eagle,

That you can’t do a covert rescue mission do reclaim a damsel,

But such a dump does a ripple effect in your esteem,

Till you drown yourself in copious amounts of brown liquid because she bounced you.

That is perfect germination ground for splendid ridicules,

Psssst, you better shut up and man up,

Pretend you didn’t feel a thing after such a disconnect,

Even though after doing all your bags of tricks, she bounced you.

If it was a first date and she does that,

Then was it because you’re Mr. One-cubed stomach,

And she wanted a pot belly Tom for a buoyant bath,

Or modern soap operas made her dastardly villain that she bounced you?

If that wasn’t a first date then what?

She expected you add rose petals and scented candles to her bath,

But instead you proved unpalatable with your smelly socks,

And sensing that you reek of danger, hahaha, she bounced you.

Man, please modulate your voice well and do a theatrical first impression,

So that she goes mushy and finds you alluring,

‘Coz if you’re a man of steel, you’ll turn her knees into jelly,

And we won’t wonder why she bounced you.

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