indexActually nothing to write today. I woke up feeling meh and because meh sounds like meme, i made me a meme. The one above. I thank God I’m in Africa. I spent childhood dancing in the terrains, skidding our asses down rugged hills and going to school with hot roast maize in our pockets. Weekends, then, and even now, for most kids, aren’t spent with tabs or apps that allow you to upload photos and get stressed when your pics don’t receive numerous likes. For an African kid, stress is when he and a pal are hot on their heels after throwing boulders onto the neighbours’ roofs and they come out, screaming their lungs out, about how they will beat them out of their hides and then dry it in the sun and make their kiddos shoes with it. Stress is when later, he grows up and reads stories in imported books of how unhealthy, indecent, unfit, third class and shy of education he is. It’s 2014, nothing’s changed. Only upgraded negative stereotyping! So today, let’s just dance.

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