FEAR: “False Evidence Appearing Real.”

Last Saturday evening saw me cooling my heels holed up in my 4 by 5 quarter after a frenetic day at campus, thanks to hefty assignments and demanding book work. I was watching some life-skills documentary then, as if jolted by a phantom, my bike, which had all the while been leaning faithfully on the wall, gave in to gravity and fell on its side. A spillage of milk followed; I’d lazily left a paper bag hanging on one of the handle bars.

This turn of events demanded a bike-cleaning frenzy and made me remember how I’d acquired the precious two-wheels.

…who just want to knock you off the tarmac, past the tattered road edgings into the tavern or untended verges…

Priory, i really wanted a bike and could know my way around with one. But the monster under the bed was; i couldn’t ride alongside traffic on highways. I didn’t even try because i feared that all drivers are just egocentric riffraffs with implausibly low self-esteem who just want to knock you off the tarmac, past the tattered road edgings into the tavern or untended verges.

Though cycling would feature in my dreams, I’d rank that the stuff of nightmare and imagine substance to be the driving force and drive behind cyclists daring the devil as such. However a friend with a positive disposition who’d mastered the knack of convincing a paranoid humanoid to his real senses coaxed me into buying a mountain bike and even scale the notch higher by riding on the streets.

That was a over year ago, and now that raft of measures can be hailed ‘a step in the right direction’ since I save so much on fare; which sadly tends to dig deep into student pockets.

Imagine, that’s all life is about. We know that its extremities stretch from the most sublime highs to some rather gripping tensions, yet we fear engaging in some plights that can really sweeten this journey to the ‘Promised Land’. Most of the things we fear (about 90%) don’t happen to us. Even so, a great chunk of those that do are manageable by simple corrective procedures. It’s true then that fear has robbed you of very valuable opportunities., some of which are indulgences in the pursuit of pleasures.


Age, that witch, seems to draw all humans towards conservatism, senility and death. I remember how as a kid some good 15 years ago, we’d roll down steep hills on wheeled home-made carts to the chagrin of girls in a desire to strike gold in their hearts. My mom would then scold me fulled by concerns and fear that the worst might happen during those extraordinary pursuits. Yet I did that countless times; with the most extreme consequences being dusted clothes and more work for mom.

I don’t imply “throw all caution to the wind”. That natural instinct, of course, should be trusted when you want to play overly confident. Notwithstanding, don’t you think fear is just a toothless hound? You might be surfing a breakup or tried myriads in relationships until you’d easily name each of cupid’s arrows but fear shouldn’t pin you down. Love is like jumping out of an airplane with no parachute. But there’s no need to be frightened, because that plane is still on the ground. Children have forgotten how to play because the toothless hound has made us chain them in our living rooms.


Does you pen itch? Write! Do you have excess adrenalin? Go bungee jump! Are you oppressed? Talk! Share your plight. We fear to argue, yes? Fear not those who argue but those who dodge. When we do what we fear most, then we can do anything. Fear of the unknown is jail; stop serving time in and disobey those demons! Fear shouldn’t shut us down, it should wake us up.

After all, I realised that cycling is not only healthy; but that most motorists do obey traffic rules and my adherence to the rules of the book does make cycling, ironically, a walk in the park.

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