An inner peace

Though I’ve always assumed, it’s clear in hindsight, I’m anything but normal. For all my anxiety and fear to fail, the cracks are quickly showing up. Loner, hyper-vigilant, secretive, daily shedding close friends; in fact I’m alone in this inner social circle frown emoticon . Distant woodsy areas leave a tingling sensation at my toes. Maybe because I grew up playing by myself in some woods near a river. Right now there’s this urge to go deeper and deeper into the wilderness and never hearing my name called. Oh yeah! Deep into the unbeknownst. ‘Rabbit-hole of weirdness’ you say? I’m not scared though. Can’t lose my heartbeat. Never. Not now! The initial ice-cold adrenaline spike about where I’m headed to melted, toned down to some sweet eternity.

An inner peace.

~ ‪#‎WriterDog‬


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