We should go back to hunting and gathering!

Everything in life is a tradeoff. Sometimes we have to do a lot of the things we do not like in order to get to the things we want.

Like going to these joints where you’re served with a hive of expensive cutlery and crockery whose names,  I even don’t know. All these, just to woo … wrong word; just to please a ‘she’.

Then this rubs salt in a wound => New words on the menu?! An insult to my vocabulary!

I’m nervous? No. The waitresses here are all slim and slender. Infact looking fragile than the glass crockery; that which screams ‘don’t touch’ from 3-feet away.

What do I do now? Dash to the gents to consult my mobile dictionary (thank heavens for Apps)? Then wait for everyone to start eating, so that, I know where to use what and how?

We should go back to hunting and gathering. And looking awesome by frying ants in the sun!



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