Aye… Troubled teens?

Growing up, i found it confusing trying to get the real meaning of what it is to be a teenage boy: boisterous, uninhibited, preoccupied with having fun with pals; even playful though less than a child but with vigour than a man.

In life, it is a fleeting interlude — a time when boys are open to almost anything, wide-eyed and daring. They are enchanting, simple as that. I have two teenage brothers; 19 and 17. And they’re well dangerous in taking risks and all that stuff; mad dare-devils I’d say. I was worse before i surpassed the 19 mark 4 years ago. I know society still calls peeps like me ‘teens’. I had to pretend I like humans when (well i still do) I actually just like stuff that makes the adrenaline level rocket up to Mars.

Now that was real teenage :D.
Now that was real teenage :D.

But whatever, this is about teens going wild. Nice thoughts are often not allowed on teen-boys as they are readily associated with aggressive sexual behaviors, alcohol and hard drugs yet they are struggling to adjust to a world which, in many ways, has left them behind. I mean, who’d be a boy these days, when girls receive all the good press and funny empowerment thingies? Outshone by girls at school and university, if you aren’t lucky enough to be academic, you’ll find that the well-paid manual work which used to be your domain has entirely disappeared. Teens burn schools in Kenya and actually qualify awards for the longest time playing hide and seek with authorities; read parents. They want nothing to do with them. Funny this phase — just like their babyhood — will prove as transient as a dream and you end up having nostalgic memories like me. Thank God I’m a writer :D.

But this post is about teen boys growing together as happens for most of us who went through boarding schools which made girls stroppy, self-conscious, spiteful little aliens and mentors (dads) thrown a moon away. Teachers are not mentors; they’re civil servants. Does it explain the aggression? I think it does.

This post was inspired by this clip I stumbled upon of teen elephants. It’s funny how we land on websites; last thing i remember doing was Googling ‘exotic wild places to travel in Africa 2015’ and you all know how links give birth like mice.

Anyway; elephants are one of the few animals in the world that can take on a rhino. In fact, in the past two decades, young male elephants in several African reserves have deliberately killed dozens of rhinos. Although park rangers first suspected poachers, it soon became clear that elephants were responsible.

Cullings and relocations to curb the elephant population had left many young male teens without an older role model. With no one to guide them, these traumatized orphans soon formed roving bands of testosterone-addled teen troublemakers that intentionally picked fights with rhinos.

Teen elephants gone wild

After some failed initial attempts to stop this behavior, park officials instituted “one of the largest Big Brother programs in the world,” placing older male bull elephants among the young males to discipline them. Incidents of rhino deaths and other destructive behavior stopped after that.

So teen-boys just need Big Brother mentor-ship. Wait, but a vast percentage of the adult males are busy overlapping in traffic, exchanging tribal insults on social media and calling us half-baked graduates. I hadn’t seen that part of the problem … sigh.

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