It’s not a monster, it’s just Monday.

Diary entry: August 24 morning 🙂

I’ve noticed something. I’m slowly becoming that catch-up-with-the-news-&-know-whatever-goes-on-in-the-world type of adult. Chip of the old block’s too cliche, yes? Sadly, that’s what i’ve been doing since 9am.

Slept at 4am and woke up at 9am. Still confined to bed though. That’s the beauty of writing jobs. I don’t understand how you just lose spontaneity and license yourself to a life of routine by doing 8 to 5 everyday; and you still think you’re creative. How?

You see, me, i’m just ‘lwendependent’. That’s “Lweya+Independent”. Actually you haven’t really made it until you start using your name as an adjective. So, this’ me making it.

*insert rap tone*


*stops blowing trumpet on realising your salary can really buy more pizzas than my meagre income*

Anyway, the FB feed’s scary today. Or am i the youngest there? Why is nearly everyone suddenly heart-break inspirational? Makes me feel like throwing lamps at you who need to lighten up.



Laugh hard.

It’s not a monster, it’s just Monday.

Sometimes-its-just-MondayOr what’s wrong? Relationships? If you want to see a perfect one, watch a movie. Otherwise, sit there and continue wishing life had a rewind-to-the-first-date button.

As for me in this house, i guess food porn will do. Steamy coffee, light-skinned sweet potato, hot and plumb pancake and then i’ll peel naked a curvy banana. Breakfast in bed. That’s my best idea of how to stain the … uhm … s…h…e…e…t…s.

*breakfast? 11.15 am? don’t tell me this’ll be brunch!*

By the way, i wish one could accidentally make a pancake like the way one accidentally makes a baby – in bed. But i’ve got to step out and do mistakes. Oops, i meant do life.

Isn’t that what life is anyway? Just a group of mistakes?

Enjoy your day. Gossip that boss till pay-day; then we’ll sum all that gossip up over ‘lunch is on you’.

*insert what you think you should say here*

Same to you.

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