Today, the optimism bug bites …

I’ve woken up today to some text from a buddy whom I haven’t seen for ages. He actually was inviting me to a ‘cleansing ritual’ at his newly acquired garage (he’s a mechanic) to transform an innocent, fluffy, little bird into two kilos of white protein while coffee ‘brews on the logs’. Literally. T’was a term we’ve used from our early teens ‘before the pot learnt to call the kettle black’ to fuel our deep-seated enthusiasm in being self-confessed coffee addicts. Of course my taste buds have been screaming, “Yes, yes!” at the thought of a free caffeine fix. He’d used all his life savings to acquire this place. I liked how he phrased his text: “As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”

Ever wondered why children are mostly always happy? It’s obviously because they don’t have a file in their minds called “All The Things That Could Go Wrong”. They just wake up and live. Every day they find a new sky to get lost in. They instinctively know life is that test we’ve not studied for. What happens when we grow up? When we can’t sleep two winks as our minds absently mull over the failures of yesterday?

Well, kids don’t know one thing. That life is not all that ‘inkie pinkie ponkie’ affair. It’s always like constantly walking around a minefield blindfolded. However, it’s always how we look at things. Or, what does one like me do when they wanna pretend a chunk of their life never happened? I know of men who went back to fishing and stayed all night after what seemed to me like ‘early retirement’. Their CEO had just been captured, all assets were in His Name and so it looked like the company would have to liquidate. One of them was Peter. They braved sea waves, battled sleep and reddened their eyes in the sandy sea wind. They worked the hours like a champ taking their turns on the paddles in gruesome shifts. Their boat rocked in the waves like that familiar ‘where is this relationship going’ ship. Yet grumpy, tired and aggressively sore, they caught nothing. Such are life situations. How disappointments bleed!

I’ve done some fishing (click here). Take notes. Fish, just like girls, don’t hurl themselves into the boat or onto the bank at your feet in sweet surrender. They love evenings, especially after a bright, hot sunny day spent lounging around – it gets them going. Very early mornings are good too, but whereas the fishing usually gets worse as the morning wears on, the fishing gets better as darkness falls. Fishing is boring unless you catch something, then it becomes a smelly affair.

I know fish stick to first impressions rule. You miss her once, the first time, you might as well be done for the night like Peter. The dawn was approaching to mock them. What of the families waiting to be taken care of? Life sometimes can be hard as a man you know. You have to be strong, and in 2016, you have to get by without tits. Oops! Let’s be a lil’ bit fair and optimist here. Since I know fun, the fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad. But isn’t it difficult to be optimist when all the fat clothes are also tight.

They were still looking to a positive side though. They didn’t quit. Optimism is seeing the freedom at the edge of madness. It’s refusing to die by inhaling back every last breath. Optimism doesn’t mean things are good right now. But they’ll be better. As they approached the shore that dawn, the CEO just turns up walking on the water, “Friends, haven’t you caught anything?” Then he points at the ‘safe’. “There!” And they unlocked 153! 153 fishes! And just after losing themselves in the tunes all night, they found themselves in the lyrics. What if they’d quit halfway into the night? Choose to be optimistic. At least, it feels better.

I’m a fan of stories from “Winnie The Pooh”. I just linked you to some. Pooh radiates brilliance in those short answered exchanges:

“What day is it?”

“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.

“My favorite day,” said Pooh.”

Know what an optimist’s outlook is? Each new day is too dear, with fresh hopes and invitations, to waste a moment on the yesterdays. Some people get so negative, they spell doom even before they sign on the dotted line. Take that risk. Did someone say, ‘the glass is half full, not half empty’? Well, it’s just more than half. It’s all the other 25 letters of the alphabet when Plan A fails. One day, things will get better. Until then, just read my blog posts.

Of course optimism on the fish’s side, gets her caught. So it works both way for me :D. You don’t know what this makes me feel! Like I should buy a boat!


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