If this is a state of trance …

I heard a song on Sunday,

I thought of you.

Are you well?

It said ‘count your blessings’,

I counted you twice,

I’m pretty sure,

The neighbors can hear,

When I think about you,

Under the moonlights,

Or when I shower,

Accidentally for five hours.


First time I saw you,

Best art in the gallery,

Itchy feet is all I needed,

Then that grin on your face,

Led to a plethora of adventures,

With a daydreamer,

Whose head is in the clouds,

And eyes beyond the horizon,

With no real game plan.


It’s scary for me too, you know,

To find someone’s,

Who’s pulled my heartstrings,

Playing very familiar chords,

As if we’d been together before.


Oh yes we’d been,

Or what can explain,

How your being miles away,

Is such a hard pill to swallow?

The scent of you,

The sight of you,

The bat of your eyelashes,

Is always the magic wand,

That draws cupid’s arrow,

From his pack to his bow.


The feel of your hand’s skin against mine,

The walking off into the sunset,

After a friend’s wedding,

While staring at your dimples,

And missing half of what you said,

Make happy memories,

That breathe life,

Into my fragile pieces.


Feels like worlds away,

When I don’t see you,

Yet it means the world to me,

Just thinking about you.

I’m never not thinking about you,

Because that’s how I see,

Beyond the layers and colors,

This tingly feeling in the brain,

Is not a brain tumor,

It’s you running in my mind.


I know we are not practical,

But who wants practical love?

I love how our mind games,

Heighten my pulse,

Fold my fingers into knuckles,,

And pound my heart hard.

I like how you get lost,

In my thoughts and my words,

Oh! how you stay hidden,

In my poems and my stories,

Fancy how you drift me,

Into an inescapable bliss.


Someone teach me now,

How to not want you,

And if this is a state of trance,

They’ll have to wake me first!




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