Hustling 101

Are graduates really half-baked? It is a widely held notion. Seemingly, it’s ruining the prospects of earning a good income or even getting a job. That’s why ‘hustler’ has been a trending term, informal as it may be, among millennials.

Is hustler a bad word? Illicit? Thug life? Well, it’s slang.

Hustler could be a bad magazine (if you passed through high school) but it simply means ‘a rainmaker’. He(she) creates opportunities. Any process that adds value to a service or a product is a hustle. The baby steps hatch out of a burning desire to do things better than others. While no one can boastfully unravel the mysteries behind successful enterprises into simple how-to steps, a glimpse into some of the promising ones at the pinnacle reveals noteworthy hints.

Contrary to common belief, it doesn’t take blue-blood family lineage or ceremonious upbringing to mould a successful hustler. The trick revolves around creating practical solutions to real-world problems. One doesn’t have to wake up with a solution that abruptly stops global warming. For example, the hawking of umbrellas amidst a heavy downpour reduces the distance between the retailer and consumer. That’s problem-solving.

Discovering the hustle within

Life’s short. It’s cliché yet true. It’s sad to check out without having discovered one’s inner grind. You can discover your inner hustle by doing a list of the products or services that you’ve greatly loathed. This means they probably need a solution. In fact, hating something can drive one into passionately finding its solution, in-so-much as to enjoy it in future. Our simple personal secret ways of accomplishing hard tasks or getting things that aren’t easy to find are also open doors to a hustle. Most Apps have been created this way.

Getting off the ground

The general idea of what one’s hustle is destined to solve or offer is enough fuel for take-off. Most times, starting a hustle is like a cat having landed safely on its feet in a dark room. So far so good but what’s lurking in the shadows? Is it always dirty business like the rumours root for?

Well, any hustle is a gamble; just as the rest of life is. Trying to figure out everything will get the boat stuck in the hyacinth. While business plans are marvellous, ‘in-flight training’ is icing on the cake. Money should never be a setback. For instance; let’s take the case of business space. If you can’t buy, hire. If you can’t afford that, do house deliveries.

Study other similar brands that claim to do what you’re doing. Can you do it differently? Can you add value to what they have? Build a website with a catch-phrase domain that sells the brand. Bank on the web sphere. The Internet makes the world a global village with myriads of potential villagers (you can’t take the village out of these) to sell your product to. Get a mentor. More so, have someone close-by to be accountable to. The idea should be shelved if it doesn’t fancy any other earthling.

Procrastination is the grim reaper

Ever pictured the ‘angel of death’ who roams around in a pitched fork and hooded black raincoat? That’s procrastination to your hustle idea. One can start right away, from where they are at and let the pieces fall into place on the go. Hustlers have neither all the answers nor clearly-mapped routes to follow. Their drive is enough to start out. Meanwhile, they relentlessly improve their craft and use feedback as stepping stones.

Most importantly, they take steps that move the hustle closer to earning real dough.

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