Product Review: Enjoy water-sporting in a Sevylor watercraft

The average avid paddler has most likely stumbled into a Sevylor inflatable. I have, thanks to Sevylor, sampled a Sevylor canoe on the Kilifi Creek at the Kenyan Coast. The most common watersporting experiences at the Kenyan Coast are kite-surfing, sky-diving, wind-surfing and scuba-diving. Not many inflatables around actually – except at the Watamu watersports facility. I haven’t done all these – I’m just a slim whale-watcher by the way.

The watersports experience to die for is incomplete without a sit-in or sit-on-top inflatable. You don’t need an ocean for this. Whether just scouting the vast waters for a fresh breeze, paddling for fun or even hunting for fish, a Sevylor inflatable would come in handy as a partner in crime. Boosted by their availability at most walk-in watersports equipment suppliers, the company has broken through waves in the watersports enterprise to become a household name.

Even though Sevylor inflatables haven’t really carved out a niche as deep as their rivals like Sea Eagle, the firm’s vast experience over the years earns them confidence in service delivery. Sevylor began working on inflatables after the 2nd World War; growing from supplying inflatable bathtubs to innovating floatables for use at sea. Over the decades, Sevylor has earned more compliance and safety certifications.

Some facts one may opt to know before digging into the purse for a new Sevylor inflatable are:

  • Most of their inflatables are easily portable. The canoes and kayaks are light and small. You can ferry most of the fully inflated kayaks in the typical family car.
  • In a quite successful bid to suit the different tastes and purposes of acquiring boating equipment, Sevylor has a variety of models to choose from. For instance, both the fun-loving paddler and the eager fisherman should walk out of a Sevylor store happy.
  • Their inflatables are popularly affordable. This has been the Sevylor selling point. The fact that you’ll get your money’s worth makes them a reliable bet.
  • With new models and improved features on the old kayaks, boats and canoes coming up with shifts in design and technology; Sevylor products are simply user-friendly.
  • All Sevylor equipment have that aesthetic appeal for a recreational water sportsman. It’s not a crime to leave tongues rolling and tails wagging.

Just so that you don’t fall into surprises, you should also expect that;

  • Sevylor canoes and kayaks have a short lifespan. In two years, the signs of wear and tear would be so prominent.
  • Since performance is plain average, Sevylor equipment is not recommendable for competitive sports.
  • Due to weak seams on the much cheaper inflatables, you’ll probably be disappointed. 


A brief review of Sevylor’s kayaks and boats

One salient trait across Sevylor’s inflatables is their diversity. With an attempt to suit people from all walks of life, it’s undeniably clear that Sevylor heavily banks on having everything for everyone walking into its stores. The easiest way for you to acquire one might be at Amazon stores. I’ve shared links to some of the offers. You’ll note that my links are affiliate links. A hasty surgery into some of Sevylor’s inflatables will help form an opinion.

Sevylor quikpak k1

The fanciest feature on the quikpak k1 is its effortless setup. In 5 minutes, the deflated backpack can be converted to a sailing watercraft. In fact, the backpack arrangement magically turns into the kayak’s seat. The Sevylor quikpak boasts of many air-tight anti-leak chambers that keep the craft afloat in case one chamber ruptures. Either way, the tarpaulin bottom renders the boat puncture proof. The puzzle of getting in and out of the kayak is solved since this is a sit-on-top kayak. Well, that gets to the bottom of kids’ and elderly citizens’ troubles.

For a maiden exploration, it’s advisable to try the Sevylor quikpak k1 out on silently flowing water. However, a veteran paddler will manoeuvre through rough waves comfortably too. Over time, one gets used to balancing their weight on the kayak. The only other challenge with kayaks is the pre-packaged paddle which may be either too long or short for the voyager. Scouting for higher quality paddles online can land you the best fit for your encounters.

Sevylor Intex challenger K1

This eye-candy kayak prides itself as a favourite for kids and adults alike. It’s a one-person kayak made of durable vinyl. For safety, Sevylor has ensured the brightly-coloured kayak is visible from afar, just in case the thrill gets ahold and the paddler finds themselves lost at sea. With a light touch though, there’s nothing to fear with two air chambers to spend before drowning. You’ll love the cockpit’s design and enough space on the deck for the necessities and even extra trappings a paddler would want to tag along.

Furthermore, the Sevylor intex challenger k1 is pocket-friendly and can be ordered from many stores at Amazon. The package comes with a repair kit, paddles and a removable seat. If the paddler can bear with the time taken to inflate and deflate, and the extra task of rinsing the water out of the folds, this is the kayak of choice.

Sevylor intex explorer k2

With two seats for synchronous paddling, this kayak brings a picture of the two-wheeler to mind. Alongside the vibrant energy added to the paddling, there’s the fun of bidding farewell to the shores with a fellow voyager on board. It doesn’t exclude the single paddler though. One can paddle solo with a passenger on the other seat, or just paddle alone. The seats are cosy and the whole outfit accommodates kids, adults, beginners as well as pros.

Quite prominent is the skeg; which is removable for extra-efficient navigation. The adjustable seats can be wholly removed to create space for the paddler to laze his life on the kayak’s floor. To the swimmer’s relish, the kayak is easy to enter and doesn’t topple over when mounted from the waters. Advisably, the seats don’t have to be overly inflated. However, the Sevylor intex explorer k2 kayak is designed for relatively flat water surfaces. The odds guarantee you a stall when an underwater boulder is hit. Nevertheless, weighing in its visibility for emergency purposes, and the durability features, this kayak is worth its price.

Sevylor coleman colorado

When kayak-hunting with rugged waters in mind, this model by Sevylor is the probable favourite. It’s a fishing kayak designed for two people. The PVC fabrication is 18-gauge. With a more enhanced tarpaulin underneath and stronger nylon covers, this kayak beats many others in durability.

To boost its efficiency, there are several air chambers that keep it buoyed up if one bursts. You wouldn’t expect the airtight system to have leakage issues. Fitted holders for several fishing rods mean that the fisherman can wait for the prize to fall for the bait while reading a magazine or finishing up on other kayak chores. The motor troll additions also expand the fisherman’s potential. Considering the available storage partitions and guaranteed comfort, there’s so much to praise on the Sevylor coleman colorado. However, it’s a bit heavy and requires more effort to move around. Though it’s not much of a hindrance, you should expect the fixed fishing rod holders to interfere with paddling.

Titbits about Sevylor

Inasmuch as they are not the most outstanding of brands, Sevylor has created enough abuzz in the luxury world of watersports. You’re also assured of available spares for most of the inflatables’ parts. So it’s time to get one Sevylor inflatable. Browse online, scan whether the package comes as advertised then check whether the supplier ships to your country before you order. Go for it!

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