Voices in my head (2)

The cafeteria was opened right on time, 8 am, and i dashed in for breakfast. That’s been my routine for 4 years. A loyal 4 years i must say. The waitress knows me, in fact, here though it’s self service, it’s different for me. She comes to where i’m seated, ‘Boss, your breakfast bill has … More Voices in my head (2)

Voices in my head (1)

Hey pal, i didn’t tell you about Saturday. I promised I’d be telling my fans everything! No secrets! Sato was FUN! Of course i normally don’t plan my days. If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging that would be no problem. But i arise every morning torn … More Voices in my head (1)

POEM: Voices In My Head

the voices in my head are real, don’t envy me, this ain’t my will, but i can’t give this out for any bill, it’s like my brain is on a grill, or someone somehow undid the seal, of the white matter in my skull, though what they say of me i can’t feel, i’m not … More POEM: Voices In My Head

Behind the scenes …

Getting an idea for posts has the dark sides. The behind-the-scenes. It’s worse when it’s burning inside you to centre them on real happenings around, while safely hiding enough content from the public. You struggle to trace a path, even though a blurred line. … More Behind the scenes …

Sit in a park

Is there a queue anywhere? Like at a soft drinks booth? Good! Join the queue. You don’t really have to buy anything. When you reach the end of the queue, just plonk to it’s tail and help elongate it. Sometimes just watching the world burn is what you need after all. I have a penchant for queuing and apologizing, especially when fueled by coffee from a hawker. I’m sorry. … More Sit in a park

Picture story: Shut up and fish!

You never realise how boring your life is until someone asks you what you do for fun. I didn’t have an answer when Wild Girl poised me as such, just a look of disdain. Anyway, I figured out that once attacked by a woman, play dead, or play her favorite song. I don’t know any … More Picture story: Shut up and fish!

Pant on!

But there’s another thing I know. My heart does get the determination from watching white-blood cells zoom past its arteries all the time chasing diseases and isht. Watching someone do something that you would like to do is such a turn on. From guilty body pleasures to sweating in the hot day sun working for butter and bread, the influence of one’s action on another humanoid is intense to justify my claim. So, on a scale of zero to I-wanna-pee-because-I-just-saw-you-dash-into-the-loos, how effectively does my fake yawn coerce you into foolishly opening your dentures, wide for all and sundry to see, as you stupidly depreciate into a supplier of warm unwelcome morning breath? Yes? Do you know that a narrow mind and a wide mouth go together? Yes you do? Don’t ever yawn! 😀 … More Pant on!

Weather forecast (2)

Right now it’s sunny and we’re back from weather forecast. Frankly, I didn’t have lunch when I signed off here last. Just walking from Chiromo and a bark from the woods lured me to the security dogs’ enclosure just beside the Sch. Of Mathematics block. Soon, I was staring at a well trimmed German shepherd … More Weather forecast (2)

Ex-girlfriend :D

Oh no! Everyone’s getting into relationships and growing up and I’m just blogging. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I grew up. No stories today. I’ll just rant about myself. Maybe pat myself on the head. The mystic me. First I’ll apologize. I’m sorry if I’ll (or I’ve) ever told you loyal fans the … More Ex-girlfriend 😀

Once upon a bedsitter …

Some times, you forget to turn off the tap. Then you go to bed. One such plumbing mistake in a bedsitter would find you waking up by the seaside. Life can be a total beach in a bedsitter. Black-outs in bedsit land? Misery too. … More Once upon a bedsitter …