Getting into the mood for a ‘The-Beyond-Zero-Campaign’ meeting so just give yourself a topic

Lynn lies immobile on her bed. Her hands are wide apart, her legs left over right, as if crucified on an imaginary cross on the bed. As a matter of fact, she feels crucified and betrayed. She stares at the ceiling. A lizard crawling upside down on the white board stirs her back to her … More Getting into the mood for a ‘The-Beyond-Zero-Campaign’ meeting so just give yourself a topic

25 lines to ladies

Hey ladies. This post is strictly yours. Lucky you. The ‘Wild Ventures’ behind-the-scenes team did a very wild venture in various parts of the country and in a successful survey, did a poll of the MOST 25 things men would like ladies to know (25 lines to ladies), but fear to ambush them with. We … More 25 lines to ladies


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He sat there, in his rover.  He’d sat there close to ten minutes already and he hadn’t moved an inch. He wondered, “What am I to do again?” He couldn’t seem to remember.  White noise on his radio was suddenly cut by his commanding officer’s voice, bringing him right out…

My Short Story.

Hi fans! Long time, no fist bump. I have a story peeps. Just sit down! So today I’ve woken up to a confused world. Actually, all i remember about yesterday is that i was broke, had gobbled some 4 slices of bread as supper (the only food remnant in my room) then since life is … More My Short Story.

Are you the baboon?

Scientists say the universe is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. They forgot to mention moron. Have you ever wondered where other baboons were and what they were busy doing when their fellows were evolving to be human beings.I call them morons, because in life, if all you do is get left behind when … More Are you the baboon?

Stealing A Ferry?

A drunk, high, fool of a lady has been sentenced to 122 days in the pirate’s prison in Mombasa, after stealing a boat and demonstrating to everyone just how dangerous, unstable, and incompetent Captain Jack Sparrow would be if he existed real life. Wild Venture News reports that she has been found guilty of a … More Stealing A Ferry?