Poem: She bounced you

You tighten that tie and remodel the raspy voice, Full of spirits, you wait as you pat your tummy, You prepare to ooze machismo as if that stuff is trained, Then she doesn’t call, she doesn’t appear, she bounced you. You’d tightened your purse strings just for this, Seems her adrenaline wallowed from the beautiful … More Poem: She bounced you

POEM: Rumours

Just thought i’d share this poem about rumours by christina wheeler/allridge Secrets passed through the quite halls your reputation dramatically falls They don’t care if it’s false or true Only your true friends stand by you Sometimes it’s forgotten sometimes it’s not But you feel the pain and it hurts a lot Nobody cares if … More POEM: Rumours

POEM: Hanukkah’s Farm

pawpaw ripe and heavy, falls into fish pond, fish scamper to safety, the world they’ve always known, is liquid and square six metre wide, sheltered from piercing sun rays, by mango trees east, sheltered from piercing hunger, by poop from chicken house, that lies above the pond, suspended chicken house it is, like a castle … More POEM: Hanukkah’s Farm

POEM: My Tears

 You’ve betrayed me, I’m 6 feet down, Yet you shove me deeper, seated on a concrete bench, world goes on normally, i’m sad, i’m angry, i’m confused, yet no one cares, where’s reason? where’s trust? where’s brotherhood? where’s true friendship? i shed my tears, a damsel approaches, quick! hankie do your thing, i hide my … More POEM: My Tears