What Were They Like?

*sigh* By Denise Levertov Did the people of Viet Nam use lanterns of stone? Did they hold ceremonies to reverence the opening of buds? Were they inclined to quiet laughter? Did they use bone and ivory, jade and silver, for ornament? Had they an epic poem? Did they distinguish between speech and singing? Sir, their … More What Were They Like?

The enigma that is networking events

After unsuccessfully fighting the incessant urge to attend at least one networking event per month, a recent weekend found me occupying space at a book café. It’s simply a forum where literati meet and apart from gossip, being the normal pastime for the common mwananchi, discuss books. Books don’t read themselves. Books don’t exchange themselves … More The enigma that is networking events

25 lines to ladies

Hey ladies. This post is strictly yours. Lucky you. The ‘Wild Ventures’ behind-the-scenes team did a very wild venture in various parts of the country and in a successful survey, did a poll of the MOST 25 things men would like ladies to know (25 lines to ladies), but fear to ambush them with. We … More 25 lines to ladies

Weather forecast (2)

Right now it’s sunny and we’re back from weather forecast. Frankly, I didn’t have lunch when I signed off here last. Just walking from Chiromo and a bark from the woods lured me to the security dogs’ enclosure just beside the Sch. Of Mathematics block. Soon, I was staring at a well trimmed German shepherd … More Weather forecast (2)