Did you know: We can cook our health problems away?

Furthermore, eating too much cake can make you hairy. I guess due to the raisins. Bananas too. They somehow make your body-hair go bananas and scares them out of their follicles. I learned this from my barber; thanks to the circle of knowledge. … More Did you know: We can cook our health problems away?

The enigma that is networking events

After unsuccessfully fighting the incessant urge to attend at least one networking event per month, a recent weekend found me occupying space at a book café. It’s simply a forum where literati meet and apart from gossip, being the normal pastime for the common mwananchi, discuss books. Books don’t read themselves. Books don’t exchange themselves … More The enigma that is networking events

Friday the 24th!

So now let’s blurt out as if every Friday is a Good Friday. Fridays are ideal for pro-caffinating, which simply is an alloy of procrastinating and coffee. We’ll do the rest on Monday. On Fridays, we don’t care if it’s got caramel, whether it’s whipped, frufru’d, frapped or macchiato’d or just plain caffeine; we just need the caffeine! It’s as if i’m preparing you for a hectic brain activity, but, heck, no. It’s because that coffee shouldn’t slumber on those shelves till Monday. Monday is another week, a new one, with new things ie: new coffee. So, do this before you leave the office: drink that evening mug of coffee, show the empty mug after you gulp its contents to the IT guy and scream, “hey, i just installed JAVA”, then leave the office feeling awesome as if you’ll have another day between Friday And Saturday. … More Friday the 24th!

Pant on!

But there’s another thing I know. My heart does get the determination from watching white-blood cells zoom past its arteries all the time chasing diseases and isht. Watching someone do something that you would like to do is such a turn on. From guilty body pleasures to sweating in the hot day sun working for butter and bread, the influence of one’s action on another humanoid is intense to justify my claim. So, on a scale of zero to I-wanna-pee-because-I-just-saw-you-dash-into-the-loos, how effectively does my fake yawn coerce you into foolishly opening your dentures, wide for all and sundry to see, as you stupidly depreciate into a supplier of warm unwelcome morning breath? Yes? Do you know that a narrow mind and a wide mouth go together? Yes you do? Don’t ever yawn! 😀 … More Pant on!