It’s the caffeine fix

We’re just seated here speaking in turns. It’s a lively pastiche of conversation on anything that doesn’t make sense. Sort of ‘Where on earth did you get Syphillis?‘ and other stories. False stories. The ladies are in the kitchen. Where they supposedly belong. Where the knives are kept. Dangerous creatures they are. They’re rolling the … More It’s the caffeine fix

Where do all the missing socks go?

I think human memory is quirky, complicated, and unreliable. I have a problem with socks. I never remember what, where, why and how. They’re always an odd number; meaning there’s always a pair that misplaced the wifey or hubby. Yet, where do all the missing socks go? Sometimes, in my life, I have this feeling that I’d like to go there and stay there forever. I … More Where do all the missing socks go?

Cats and humans

I now believe cats dream they’re humans. I mean, the way you dream you are the princess and I’m the knight in shining armor. Yeah. Or how do they just blurt out those human baby wails in these wee hours? It must be some real drama outside my crib; call it “The Purrfect Show”. I … More Cats and humans