Sit in a park

Is there a queue anywhere? Like at a soft drinks booth? Good! Join the queue. You don’t really have to buy anything. When you reach the end of the queue, just plonk to it’s tail and help elongate it. Sometimes just watching the world burn is what you need after all. I have a penchant for queuing and apologizing, especially when fueled by coffee from a hawker. I’m sorry. … More Sit in a park

I miss being six!

Diary entry 12th Feb, 2015 : Just happy I miss being six. Don’t you all guys? Then we had real friends, real toys (we didn’t play around with ladies’ emotions), real presents on NewYear’s and X-Mas (these days I just accept the gifts you peeps tag me on B’Days on FaceBook) and wait, we could … More I miss being six!

Poem: She bounced you

You tighten that tie and remodel the raspy voice, Full of spirits, you wait as you pat your tummy, You prepare to ooze machismo as if that stuff is trained, Then she doesn’t call, she doesn’t appear, she bounced you. You’d tightened your purse strings just for this, Seems her adrenaline wallowed from the beautiful … More Poem: She bounced you