It’s not a monster, it’s just Monday.

By the way, i wish one could accidentally make a pancake like the way one accidentally makes a baby – in bed. But i’ve got to step out and do mistakes. Oops, i meant do life. … More It’s not a monster, it’s just Monday.

Dream chasers

My coffee’s steaming. The mist clouds some damp on my wall mirror and rains back onto my study desk. It’s such a spectacle for an idle mind. I know the charm and poetry of quiet nights when from dusk to dawn you sit at your desk or indulge your mind with dreams. I believe, I … More Dream chasers

Friday the 24th!

So now let’s blurt out as if every Friday is a Good Friday. Fridays are ideal for pro-caffinating, which simply is an alloy of procrastinating and coffee. We’ll do the rest on Monday. On Fridays, we don’t care if it’s got caramel, whether it’s whipped, frufru’d, frapped or macchiato’d or just plain caffeine; we just need the caffeine! It’s as if i’m preparing you for a hectic brain activity, but, heck, no. It’s because that coffee shouldn’t slumber on those shelves till Monday. Monday is another week, a new one, with new things ie: new coffee. So, do this before you leave the office: drink that evening mug of coffee, show the empty mug after you gulp its contents to the IT guy and scream, “hey, i just installed JAVA”, then leave the office feeling awesome as if you’ll have another day between Friday And Saturday. … More Friday the 24th!


It has really been a rough week. But, thanks to twitter, those streets i tell you are full of drama. Jose the witnesser should be hanging around these streets. NO traffic lights , no police, no speed limits. On twitter you can safely drive drunk. But i don’t drink anyway, THAT’S WRONG!! First of all … More Seriously…