Where do all the missing socks go?

I think human memory is quirky, complicated, and unreliable. I have a problem with socks. I never remember what, where, why and how. They’re always an odd number; meaning there’s always a pair that misplaced the wifey or hubby. Yet, where do all the missing socks go? Sometimes, in my life, I have this feeling that I’d like to go there and stay there forever. I … More Where do all the missing socks go?

My phone :(

Hi peeps, do you ever feel this way. Like lonely or something close? *searches for words* Restless? As if you haven’t really met yourself yet. As is you’d passed yourself once in the fog, and your heart leapt – ‘Ah! There I Am! I’ve been missing that piece!’ But it happens too fast, and then … More My phone 😦

Social media and selfies

Have you noticed that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are just beasts with insatiable appetites that are consistently feeding on photographs and status updates of our thoughts, feelings and whereabouts? Most neuroses and some psychoses can be traced to the unnecessary and unhealthy habit of daily wallowing in the troubles and sins of five billion strangers on … More Social media and selfies

Weather forecast (2)

Right now it’s sunny and we’re back from weather forecast. Frankly, I didn’t have lunch when I signed off here last. Just walking from Chiromo and a bark from the woods lured me to the security dogs’ enclosure just beside the Sch. Of Mathematics block. Soon, I was staring at a well trimmed German shepherd … More Weather forecast (2)

Weather Forecast (1)

Someone asked me what if the weather talked about us, just like we do talk about the weather? And that with phrases like “helen’s cool today” or “alex’s changed just abruptly”. Taking a flashback over my escapades, conquests and losses over the years, i’ve realised i can help someone out there do a weather forecast … More Weather Forecast (1)