Rat-routes …

When you think about it, most of the good inventions and innovations come along to make sin a whole lot easier, fun and faster. Rat routes must have been evolved by people who wake up late and have to dash to work to lie to their bosses how they were stuck in traffic. Smokers too. Let me narrow the scopes down to ‘weed smokers’. The rest have nothing to hide. Funny though; we short cut users know each other by name; at least a false one. … More Rat-routes …

Pants down!

An unseasonal rain was falling, threatening to shred the flowers in his hands to pieces. The roads that had been reduced to a series of rock-hard ruts and potholes during the long dry span were slowly being transformed into slippery ooze. They looked bad, as if carved out during the tumultuous era of erupting volcanoes … More Pants down!


Originally posted on Msichana Mdogo:
He sat there, in his rover.  He’d sat there close to ten minutes already and he hadn’t moved an inch. He wondered, “What am I to do again?” He couldn’t seem to remember.  White noise on his radio was suddenly cut by his commanding officer’s voice, bringing him right out…

Ex-girlfriend :D

Oh no! Everyone’s getting into relationships and growing up and I’m just blogging. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I grew up. No stories today. I’ll just rant about myself. Maybe pat myself on the head. The mystic me. First I’ll apologize. I’m sorry if I’ll (or I’ve) ever told you loyal fans the … More Ex-girlfriend 😀

My Short Story.

Hi fans! Long time, no fist bump. I have a story peeps. Just sit down! So today I’ve woken up to a confused world. Actually, all i remember about yesterday is that i was broke, had gobbled some 4 slices of bread as supper (the only food remnant in my room) then since life is … More My Short Story.