Did you know: We can cook our health problems away?

Furthermore, eating too much cake can make you hairy. I guess due to the raisins. Bananas too. They somehow make your body-hair go bananas and scares them out of their follicles. I learned this from my barber; thanks to the circle of knowledge. … More Did you know: We can cook our health problems away?

Home’s always sweet!

Then, I come from that part of the world where I have to mention our hens that look fleshy, not only to the boys in the hood (that’s me and my 2 bros who always have to answer a case of who slaughtered the chicken) but also to the chief’s cocks who make sure they exercise their curvy thighs by engaging them in what seems like prey-predator skills that come in handy for the x-mas chases that always ensue. Determined to strike gold in the hearts of our layers, these cocks always stream in through the fence we share with the chief, making them scamper all over the compound like stray bullets, to provide some cherished home-made entertainment for crazies like me, writer dog. I want home! … More Home’s always sweet!