It’s funny how we sometimes hope to walk some character out of a book, magazine or movie and be them. Yet mostly, we are that character in a dusty book lying unnoticed in some dark corner of the library. It’s a big world. … More Overrated

I miss being six!

Diary entry 12th Feb, 2015 : Just happy I miss being six. Don’t you all guys? Then we had real friends, real toys (we didn’t play around with ladies’ emotions), real presents on NewYear’s and X-Mas (these days I just accept the gifts you peeps tag me on B’Days on FaceBook) and wait, we could … More I miss being six!

An inner peace

Though I’ve always assumed, it’s clear in hindsight, I’m anything but normal. For all my anxiety and fear to fail, the cracks are quickly showing up. Loner, hyper-vigilant, secretive, daily shedding close friends; in fact I’m alone in this inner social circle frown emoticon . Distant woodsy areas leave a tingling sensation at my toes. … More An inner peace