Rat-routes …

When you think about it, most of the good inventions and innovations come along to make sin a whole lot easier, fun and faster. Rat routes must have been evolved by people who wake up late and have to dash to work to lie to their bosses how they were stuck in traffic. Smokers too. Let me narrow the scopes down to ‘weed smokers’. The rest have nothing to hide. Funny though; we short cut users know each other by name; at least a false one. … More Rat-routes …

An inner peace

Though I’ve always assumed, it’s clear in hindsight, I’m anything but normal. For all my anxiety and fear to fail, the cracks are quickly showing up. Loner, hyper-vigilant, secretive, daily shedding close friends; in fact I’m alone in this inner social circle frown emoticon . Distant woodsy areas leave a tingling sensation at my toes. … More An inner peace

Poem: She bounced you

You tighten that tie and remodel the raspy voice, Full of spirits, you wait as you pat your tummy, You prepare to ooze machismo as if that stuff is trained, Then she doesn’t call, she doesn’t appear, she bounced you. You’d tightened your purse strings just for this, Seems her adrenaline wallowed from the beautiful … More Poem: She bounced you

POEM: Mango

I bought two mangoes the other day When I was eating one I thought of giving one to you In a hot sunny day You bought a big mango You, me and my cousin shared it together It was a good memory The radio was playing your favorite kameme songs My hands were sticky from … More POEM: Mango

POEM: Morality

i don’t drink, i say, oh, so what are you Mr. Nice Guy? neither do i smoke i retort, nor do i fancy bums shaking around me, they wonder and humiliate, try to asunder my esteem, it’s friday nine p.m, campus rowdy like it’s closing time, no it’s time to rave, get high than a … More POEM: Morality